Еврей и золотая рыбка

Устроил бордель и продаёт на чёрном рынке...


Одни сплошные вирусы

Готовы прививать детей с пяти лет...


Верховная не рада

Мама приняла иудаизм...

<p>A Pashtun shepherd oversees his flock of sheep close to the hamlets that make up the Hodka village. This is an area known for its traditional crafts close to the Shaam E Sarhad (sunset at the border) rural resort, a widely respected community based tourism project. The resort is built using local resources and traditional Kutchi architecture and is one of the endogenous tourism projects in India intended to provide a transformative experience and to promote mutual understanding allowing visitors to experience the richness of traditional culture without obliterating it. | Location: Hodka, Gudjerat, India. (Photo by Gideon Mendel/In Pictures/Corbis via Getty Images)</p>


Пуштун еврею не товарищ

У афганцев «типично еврейские черты лица»...

<p>French President Nicolas Sarkozy speaks on a phone during an UN Security Council meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York on September 24, 2009. AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand</p>


Большой еврейский Брат

Получают доступ к микрофону и камере за секунду...


Мясом намазано

500 кг лабораторного мяса в день...


По уши в стене

У него евреями были Майкл Джексон, Лев Толстой и другие...


Сладость в гадость

Дошли до «сионистских агрессоров»…


Волшебник южного города

Большие деньги ведут к растратам...

<p>HANDOUT IMAGE: Faye Schulman, a partisan fighter during World War II, in a forest near the city of Pinsk in late winter 1943. Ms. Schulman died April 24, 2021, in Toronto. She was 101. (Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation/A Partisan’s Memoir: Woman of the Holocaust/Second Story Press) MANDATORY CREDIT</p>


Снимай да партизань

Мы не походили на ягнят, идущих на бойню!

<p>Inge Ginsberg was born born in 1922 in Austria. In 1938, following the annexation of Austria by the Nazis, anti-Jewish laws were implemented, and thousands of Jewish families were evicted from their homes. Inge’s father was sent for forced labour at Dachau, but released and was deported on the St. Louis, the infamous ship that set sail from Germany on May 13, 1939 carrying more than 900 Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. The ship was denied permission to dock in Cuba, Canada and the US, and was forced to turn back to Europe. Inge’s father disembarked in the UK. Inge, her mother and brother were left in Vienna and went into hiding with fake documents. Inge worked in forced labour at night in a spinning mill. In return for Inge’s mother’s jewels, an influential count involved in smuggling, helped the family to cross into Switzerland. After a short time in a refugee camp, Inge was tapped to manage a villa set up by the American OSS to spy on Nazis and coordinate operations by partisan groups fighting the Germans. After the war ended Inge moved to Hollywood and became a journalist and composer for pop stars, sharing time between Israel and US. When she turned 96 she performed as a singer in the death metal band, “Inge &amp; the TritoneKings.”</p>


Бабушка тяжёлого рока

Голливуд быстро ей надоел…


Кинг в поле воин

Как научитесь воскрешать, начните с меня...



В подвале хранил золотой гроб со стеклянной крышкой...


Не Марокко мне голову

 «Моссад» уберёг короля от смерти...


За могильной стеной

На цитаты по кухням и коммуналкам…

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